Understanding our audience

Having spent over 17 years in the recruitment industry, I have certainly seen a lot of changes.

Technology has shaped how we communicate with candidates and evolving cultures has shifted the language and tone we utilise to advertise job roles.

Gone are the days of a standard job advert and pen to paper communication; instead social media channels have expanded the circulation of job specifications; allowing employment opportunities to reach candidates on an international scale, simply through a click of a button.

It is through changes to society and technology advances that my team at Prestige Appointments recognises the necessity of developing sustainable relationships with our clients, more than ever.  Positioning ourselves as an evolving recruitment agency in a very competitive and challenging market, we understand the demand to recruit the best candidates, gaining a step above our client’s competitors, using channels which are responsive and instantly reactive.

Therefore, it is imperative, that our recruitment process is on trend with society’s demands but does not lose the essence of the individualism of our clients and candidates.  That being, ensuring that we only put forward the right candidate for the right role.

We provide exactly what our client needs.  Through building solid relationships with our clients, we ensure that each candidate is chosen based on their personality and skill set.  More importantly selecting a candidate which we feel would capture our client’s values and ethos and whose expertise could potentially help to expand their business.

Spanning over ten years, my team and I have maintained and evolved our reputation of being a people-based agency; understanding the importance of putting people before processes and creating and sustaining valuable relationships between clients and candidates.

By utilising and implementing technology and communication advances, we have successfully given more than recruitment solutions to our clients; we have given them the ‘right’ people to best represent their business.

At Prestige Appointments, we become an extension to our client’s business and brand, providing more than candidate search and deployment.  Instead, we give them a perfect match which links our client’s core values and the individualism of each candidate.

Our success isn’t because we have survived the market but it is because we value our audience!

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