The value of a great question

How your candidate’s answers can affect your recruitment selection

Did you know that even the best candidates can alter your selection process?  Incredible as it sounds, the approach, direction and answers your candidates deliver can determine their suitability for your open role.

Choosing a candidate based on one area alone can be detrimental if the key applicant doesn’t show a clear understanding or enthusiasm to work in your company.  At Prestige Appointments, we always ensure that our candidate matches not just the skill set required for the role, but their character, personality, attitude and approach also match the company ethos.

Offering questions which show that they understand the company, comprehend the services/products our clients offer and can answer questions in line with the job description provides a benchmark for measuring other applicants against.

Using competency based questions provides a chance to assess the overall skills of the candidate, giving them an opportunity to present real-life examples, innovatively and spontaneously.  Some key examples of what we look out for include:

  • Teamwork:  A great team player will be able to show fairness, honesty and respect for other people through their answers and real-life examples.
  • Leadership:  A balanced interviewee who can emphasise the value in teamwork, but also has a readiness to delegate, manage and plan a project has the potential to be a great leader.
  • Pressure:  Most jobs will have a certain degree of stress and pressure involved. A great candidate will show evidence of their ability to motivate and inspire others and help them get through the challenging times.  They will also show how they can handle stressful situations as and when they arise.
  • Versatility:  Candidates who show enthusiasm and ambition to try new things and do not hesitate in taking on extra responsibilities can be a goldmine for any company!  We look for candidates who have a tenacity to adapt, evolve and deliver across any role advertised.

Good candidates will be able to walk you through their decision-making process, highlighting instances of initiative and creativity; giving credible answers from start to finish. Great candidates will be able to provide examples which tie in with the company ethos and the job role itself; providing answers which stem from additional research then that which is provided via the company’s website or job spec sheet.

For our team at Prestige Appointments, we don’t just source a candidate by CV matching but we ensure that each applicant is the right match in person as they are on paper for our clients.  If you make us stop to answer a cleverly constructed answer, then we know that you’re on the right track in securing the given role and if you leave us smiling, you may be the perfect applicant for the job!

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