How to expand your recruitment advertising & shift from gender-focused content!

4 simple steps to reduce gender bias through recruitment adverts

When we are creating a recruitment advert, not only do we embrace the job specifications but we ensure that each advert is attracting a candidate based on professional history, candour and skill sets and not segregated to one factor alone.  

Diversity is paramount for most organisations.  When your recruitment adverts are biased you’re missing out on great candidates. 

My company ethos has always been to recruit the right candidate for the right role.  Effective and long-lasting recruitment is not about sourcing just any willing job-hunter or even defining a candidate by their gender, but finding the right match for our client, who has the potential to grow and evolve with.

Here are my top tips for writing recruitment adverts based on the candidate themselves and how to avoid isolating specific genders:

Step one: It’s all in the title

Think about the job title itself and how it can instantly attract a certain gender just by the terminology you use.  Avoid using job titles with ‘man’ at the end or typically gender associated titles such as ‘Air Hostess’.  Instead use neutral titles, such as ‘Assistant’ or ‘Executive’.  In a male dominated environment, female candidates are more likely to be interested in a position if the language is gender neutral.

Step two: Avoiding masculine & feminine connotations

Adjectives such as ‘adventurous’ and ‘compassionate’, can be considered masculine or feminine-coded terms.  I have seen many a debate on which words are perceived as gender-focused and therefore, suggest sharing the advert internally with a selective amount of staff and source similar, published adverts to see what the current ‘adjective’ word is/or to avoid!

Step 3: Expand your target candidates through audience-focused content

Write for your audience.  Consider the attractive features of the role; does it offer flexible working opportunities, childcare vouchers or the option to work off site?

I find that both, the role specifications combined with the extra benefits, attract a larger response rate from qualified candidates than just the job role itself and avoids attracting one specific gender.

Step 4: Review and utilise the right channels when advertising a role

Always review which channel is gaining the biggest traction; assessing if it is attracting a specific gender; if the details of the advert are appealing and if it is generating the right selection of candidates suitable for the role.

I find this is great practice to ensure that your advert has maximised the value of what you are trying to offer to candidates.

If you would like our team to help create your recruitment advert and source the right candidate for your open role, then drop us a line and we can show you, exactly how we can add value through the advert alone!

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